Thursday, June 28, 2012

Galaxy signed by 100 million years ago, still rings like a bell

An international team of astronomers that our Milky Way, was 100 million years ago, and that experience is still ringing like a bell in the form of a small galaxy or a massive dark matter as may be encountered with a recently discovered

Sloan Digital Sky Survey galaxy discovered near 300,000 (SDSS) is based on observations by a large way. The Milky Way contains a disk of about 20-30 kilometers per second, a big move up and down at a brisk 220 km per second at the center of the planets orbiting. This was very close to the position and speed at regular intervals as previously thought, according to the results of research to do.

"We are clearly in the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy, and a vertical rise above the bottom of the stellar distribution having the appearance of unexpected differences in the look - something that nobody has seen before, "said the Queen's University physicist Larry Widrow, lead researcher of the project

Researchers from the celestial object that is passed through the Milky Way has been able to find. This is a small satellite galaxy of our Milky Way has been the center, or an example of a dark matter halo as a near infra-structure that one can move. It may not be a single isolated incident in the past, and it may even be running

North and South Book Galaxy midplane researchers analyzed the distribution of small, but statistically significant differences detected SDSS data. More than a year, the asymmetry of the definition of the North seeking, but unable to solve a mystery. So they began to search for information about their events, the recent history of the Milky Way.

Scientists know that more than 20 visible satellite galaxy of the catch from one million to one billion solar masses from the public sphere with the center of the Milky Way. The satellite can make the invisible dark matter. In general, as the visible universe is dark matter, as there are six times. Astronomers computer simulations, that large-scale structure of the invisible things that move around our Milky Way is made available to hundreds.

Because of the abundance of the dark matter satellites, the satellite galaxy of the Milky Way is visible through the mid-plane and the vertical shear wave is probably

Computer simulations indicate that the next 100 million years or more, in our Milky Way "stop ringing." The North-South asymmetry and vertical motion of the stars disappear in the equilibrium orbit in the solar neighborhood do not go back again if we get hurt.